Your Ideal WMS Partner

Latitude WMS is an advanced warehouse management system that interfaces with more than 20 different ERP systems and comes with a money-back guarantee!

Perfect Picking. Every Time.

Warehouse Management System Latitude brings flexible, real-time control and efficiency to virtually any warehouse operation.

Growing Your Business.

Latitude Warehouse Management System helped IRLY Distributors grow their market share while the economy shrank.

Manifest Destiny.

Latitude Manifest System automates the process of finding the most affordable shipping options for your distribution business.

Pain-Free Parcel Shipping

asE.B. Horsman & Son, an electrical distributor in Surrey, BC, provided Latitude VMI capabilities directly to their customers to improve re-ordering efficiency. E.B. - See more at:

Is your manifest parcel shipping more of a hassle than a help? Latitude can help.

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Warehouse Champion

The best run warehouses are lead by talented, capable leaders.  Who is your warehouse project manager or champion?

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Why Latitude WMS?

Find out what sets Latitude WMS apart from other Warehouse Management Systems!

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