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"PathGuide walks their talk. They provide the kind of intimate, stellar service that you just don't find nowadays."

Todd Keeney, VP of Operations
Omni Services
Worcester, MA

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Get Your Customized Demo or Schedule a Free System Audit

We tailor your demonstrations to meet the needs of your warehouse or DC. Our free system audits allow us to make sure you're using Latitude WMS to its full capacity. If not, we'll suggest ways to better your processes to be more efficient.


Warehouse Management Training: Investing in Your People

Your people supply the energy, the discipline and the motivation behind a successful warehouse operation. The better trained you and your employees are, the more confident you'll be in adopting new technology like a warehouse management system.


By attending our 3-day Warehouse Management Training Course (included with the purchase of Latitude WMS), you'll understand what to expect for your own Warehouse Management Systems installation and learn best practices that you can use to manage your new WMS, refine your processes and support your warehouse team. You'll gain faster comprehension of how WMS works in an uninterrupted classroom environment.

We provide hands-on training in our model warehouse, performing live transactions with your WMS and your ERP system.


Warehouse managers, IT directors, operations personnel, and anyone else who is in charge of productivity in your warehouse will benefit from this WMS training. We recommend that all new users of a Latitude system attend the Warehouse Workshop before training is delivered on-site and before going live with Latitude warehouse system.

Need Warehouse Management Training? Call us today at 1.888.627.9797.